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I’m not able to correct all the below sentences – Gillmour



I tolked with …


Excuse me for the delay, today we will send you the offers.

1.I want to ask about the packaging.

We pack parts for Lenz in wooden europallets with wooden pages.

We have an agreement with you to invoice this package separately.

There will be no packing price in the offer-is that good for you.

2.Price die cast tool/permanent mould/pattern

Can you explain what this means?

3.The offer does not have a column – to guarantee for tools (die casting molds)



This parts are deliver!


I want check, are they the same with ours.


Please organice transport for 13 europpaletes – 3500 kg.


We need to make the samples to see can we reach or not.
The problem is that if we make the feed rate less, for example 0.07mm/rev.
there is possibility for vibration of the surface.
If the part is stable and there is no vibration we can achieve this request.
Also we will see what will be the increasing of the time, for the price,
but I think that some seconds on the PN which is not most used will be not problem for us.


изобщо не знам какво е това,което искат.Може ли да помогнеш? Понеже е спешно,моля те за обратна връзка още днес.Благодаря предварително


After our cheking of return parts, we have established:

1. The information on your complain is not totaly right
-from delivery note 2435, you have sent 384 pcs not 480 pcs. You can see on the picture the our labes on the boxes.
– from delivery note2450, you have sent 288 pcs. not 192 pcs.

2. The deepness of the parts of delivery note 2435 is not OK, becouse they are not cleaned of the chips. The deepness after cleaning is L22,23

3. The deepness of the parts of delivery note 2450 is too L22, 23, but they don’t have a chips.

In this case, I would like to know, what kind of rework have you done???

We are sorry for inconvenience! We will clean the parts and send you back as soon is possible!

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