What the hell is going on in Australia?


[03:59] L_ B_: we are in stage 4 lockdown and have a 8p curfew
04:01: curfew????
[04:03] L_ B_: YUP,. we get fined a huge amount of money if we get caught out of our houses
after 8pm
[04:03] L_ B_: Australia, Victoria
[04:03] L_ B_: $20,000 fine if you got to work without a permiet
[04:03] L_ B_: $100,000 fine for the employer
[04:03] L_ B_: came in last Sunday
[04:04] L_ B_: yes way
[04:04] L_ B_: all business’s are closed except for essential
[04:04] L_ B_: like supermarket, doctors etc
[04:04] L_ B_: people have been killing themselves
[04:04] L_ B_: cause they have lost their jobs, their livily hoods
[04:04] L_ B_: can pay for their houses etc
04:06: damn it… tis is the purpose.. to lost jobs… => people do not have money => they
listening and submit… 🙁

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